Is This A Joke?

Is this a joke? You aren’t supposed to answer a question with a question but what is the alternative? No joke.

You want to know what is “hilarious”? The COVID-19 pandemic showed us that the safety net that is supposed to protect all of us during a time of crisis isn’t what we think it is. Many Canadians walk a tightrope every day trying to survive and that tightrope just keeps getting thinner and thinner as this pandemic continues to drag on. The system is not working for too many of us. It is a system that is quick to judge others and way too slow to respond.

Canada has a compassion deficit that is running out of empathy. We have forgotten to take care of our most vulnerable citizens. The fact that the Ontario government needed to call in the military at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to rescue seniors from long-care facilities is a national tragedy and is sadly seemingly forgotten. And right here in Alberta – right now – the ruling party is prioritizing who should lead the party into the next election instead of addressing and leading Albertans out of this ongoing healthcare crisis.

Look – Jett doesn’t want to live in a society where GoFundMe’s campaigns are set up to help someone to cover the basic necessities like rent, groceries, and medical expenses and treatments when they are recovering from an illness or an unforeseen situation. This keeps becoming a more and more common occurrence. What is happening?!

It’s not just time to root for the underdog but to elect one. Jett may not be the hero we need but he’s the hero you get. He just showed up one day and never really left.

Seriously, how can you expect people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps if they can’t afford boots?

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