Jett Thunders Announces Senate Run to Represent Alberta, Injects Jolt of Awesome Into Municipal Election

Calgary citizen Jett Thunders has announced his run as an independent candidate to represent Albertans in the Senate. The first-time candidate aims to get the public more engaged in the democratic process by making the process more fun. To help kick off his run for office, he’s released a string of amusing campaign videos that he’s hoping will strike a chord with voters in the upcoming municipal election.

Wondering why he’s running, given that Senators are appointed? Senators are selected by an independent advisory board with a mandate to provide “non-binding, merit-based recommendations” to the Prime Minister on potential appointments. However, Elections Alberta has issued the writ for a Senate election in the province, meaning voters province-wide will pick three nominees to be “senators-in-waiting” to represent Alberta in the Senate. Albertans will receive a Senate election ballot as part of this fall’s municipal election on Monday, October 18. Thunders is on the ballot and is hoping to score one of those available “senator-in-waiting” seats that will send him to “the top of the charts” to the Senate.

Thunders’ campaign mandate is to inject a jolt of fun back into the electoral system and bring awareness to the issues he feels deserve the public’s attention.

Who Is Jett Thunders?
Why Is Jett Running?
Is This A Joke?
But Aren’t Senators Appointed?

The Thunders campaign focuses on several key platform issues:

  • Saving arts and culture post-pandemic
  • Empowering community initiatives that are finding solutions to address such issues as affordable housing and food scarcity ­– Is it any wonder why Thunders is still living at home in his mom’s basement?
  • Acknowledging Canada’s growing “compassion deficit” – We are leaving too many behind as we struggle to deal with the effects of the pandemic
  • Turning the Senate into a “Thunderdome”

“In order to get more people to engage in politics in a positive way, we need to elect representatives who actually reflect our character, who can understand and relate to the problems we all need to address as a community,” Thunders said. “It’s not just time to root for the underdog but to elect one.”

Jett Thunders is a proud citizen who believes in engagement over presentation and intends to deliver an honest campaign based on what he thinks needs fixin’. If the system is indeed broken because it fails to meet our needs, then maybe – just maybe – it is time to attract new people with new ideas to try and fix it. An air guitarist with pink pants and faux animal print tops, he also has a respectable mullet.

Go here to learn more, donate or buy sweet merch to help support Thunders’ campaign for the Alberta Senate.


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