Wait? Senators are elected?

So what is the deal here Jett? Are Senators appointed or are they elected? I’ll tell you all about it!

The Canadian Senate, like the British Senate, is not elected. It is appointed. This means you have to get yourself noticed by the “political establishment”. Formally you have to apply to the Senate and your application is judged before the Prime Minister appoints you. This means you have to make your resume stand out. Jett knows that winning a popularity contest in Alberta would make him stand out from the rest. This is unlike former Senator Mike Duffy who, as a CTV reporter, made himself stand out to then-prime minister Stephen Harper by misrepresenting how Canadian parliamentary democracy functions, then misrepresented where he lived and how he spent money during his time in the Senate. And please don’t get Jett started about Lynn Beyak or Andy Thompson (aka “that Senator who lived in Mexico”).

Upon his appointment, Thunders can look forward to years of scrutinizing government legislation and sitting on committees that will grill experts on government policy. Afterwards he will advise lawyers to word “turn down the suck” into proper legalese such that it can be included in a future law and not get shot down by the Supreme Court, providing the House of Commons agrees with the semi-sober second thought of Senator-in-waiting Thunders.

People always ask me – what party does Jett Thunders belong to? The answer?

Party all the time!!!

Vote Jett Thunders for the Senate on Monday October 18!

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