Welcome to the Party!

Jett Thunders here. Hey! Thanks for checking out votethunders.ca! This is Jett’s first website so please bear with me as I figure out this dot com business. Speaking of firsts, this is Jett’s first bid for a Senate seat. This page will be updated throughout the campaign with information and answers on “who is this Jett Thunders anyways?”, “why is Jett Thunders running for the Senate?”, “what is the deal with the Senate” and “aren’t Senators appointed Jett?”.

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Did you know?

Jett Thunders shredded in his first air guitar competition in 2019. After pulling out all the stops, Jett finished 3rd in the Calgary Air Guitar Championship. The winner, Cat Friday, went onto compete in the World Air Guitar Championship in Oulu, Finland.