Who is Jett Thunders?

Jett Thunders is a little bit of everything to a whole wide range of different people.

He’s an air guitarist, instructor, mentor, emcee, disc jockey, host, broadcaster, motivator, novelty record collector, dancer, prancer, shaker, dream maker, rescuer, listener, planner, thinker, not a stinker, former president, volunteer, art champion, top something under something, stunt performer, pops, brother, costumer, reader, rocker, doer, risk taker, gracious loser, not an imposter, ok baker, skater, BMXer, joker, interviewer, manager, planner, take-a-chancer, not a great sax player, high schooler, advisor, award winner, dad, fun uncle, painter of fences and horse jumps, Mr. Yummy ice cream truck driver, rocket car washer, jockey, unhipster, outfielder, lip-syncher, writer, festival goer, midway operator, housekeeper, factory worker, farmhand, gardener, actor, extra, board member, treasurer, contact tracer, leader, project manager, not a doctor, fundraiser, strategist, rad bike jump builder, community supporter, music lover, partner, friend, rider of the highs and the lows, pancake pro, budgeter, director, operator, consultant, assessor, juror, co-founder, proprietor, promoter, spectator, geographer, researcher, street hockey goalie, bartender, fan, imaginer, lifelong learner.

Simply put – Jett Thunders is unlike any other.

Jett Thunders is the only candidate to have his own original campaign theme song “Jett Thunders, Like Lightning, Hotdamn, He’s So Exciting” by Shawn Petsche (from the band Sequiturs)