Why is Jett Thunders Running?

Jett Thunders hears you – People of all ages feel that the Canadian political system is fractured and broken. They are increasingly refusing to engage with it and if they do, they feel that there is no place in the system for them to engage and share their ideas. They feel that far too many politicians are enticed by the intrigue and the power of politics. If the system is indeed broken because it fails to meet our needs, then maybe – just maybe – it is time to attract new people with new ideas to try and fix it.

Jett believes that in order to get more people to engage in politics in a positive way, we need to elect representatives who actually reflect our character, who can understand and relate to the problems we all need to address as a community. We need representatives who have the personality and demeanor to engage with groups that don’t have the resources or political savviness to lobby governments. We need people in power who actually care about the people, who take the time to listen and understand the difficult and complex issues facing all of us as we navigate out of the pandemic and look towards tomorrow.